Explained: The U.N. Water Conference

The complexity of today’s water problems was reflected in the proceedings: lots of talk, fragmented discussions, no binding commitments.

Why We Need Urban Water Balances

We explain the need to better understand how water moves through cities and illustrate effective ways to visualise urban water balances.

Our Learnings As An Ecosystem Builder

Ecosystem builders connect, empower, and collaborate with others to lift up the whole community to achieve its potential.

New Methods to Rebuild Soils

Around 35 farmers attended the two-day workshop held in Raichur’s Devadurga taluk to learn about how they can test and improve soil quality

About Us

Humanity faces grave threats. Millions experience chronic water and food insecurity, while resource depletion, pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change impede our ability to address this crisis. It is critical to change production and consumption systems such that they nurture rather than destroy the planet. For this, we require research and innovation that is solution-oriented, interdisciplinary and has tangible impacts.

That’s why we started Water, Environment, Land and Livelihoods (WELL) Labs.

We work with governments, businesses, multilateral institutions and civil society groups to co-create science-backed solutions that improve people’s lives and livelihoods and sustain nature.

Our Approach


Envision models for the future that prioritise community-based aspirations and roadmaps


Enable change through policy, innovation, sustainable scaling and partnerships


Evidence to fill critical research gaps and establish best practices

The Team

We are a team of water experts, entrepreneurs, architects, economists, social scientists and communication experts, using our complementary skills to build a world resilient enough to deal with the ever-evolving water, environment, land and livelihood challenges that our planet faces.


In The News

Urban Water

Here’s why it is important to map the flow of water through cities

Published in Scroll

A City Water Balance of all flows in the urban water system is a good starting point to understand the paradox of flooded streets and dry borewells.


The benefits of a diversified farm in Maharashtra

Published in Scroll

Climate resilience, good yields and steady income: With erratic weather wrecking crops, growing multiple crops and nurturing an ecosystem could help farmers stay afloat.

Rural Futures

Is agroecological farming a solution for rainfed degraded land?

Published in Mongabay

As part of Mongabay India’s ‘Conserving Agro-biodiversity’ series, our experts look into Akkadi Saalu, a traditional intercropping system in Karnataka that encourages biodiversity on the farm.

Data and Tools

We must break ‘lock-ins’ of water usage in agriculture

Published in Mint

Just as much of today’s world is locked into fossil-fuel dependence, Indian farmers are in a trap of water-guzzling crop production that is not environmentally sustainable.