Our team members have featured in podcasts, both as guests and hosts, to discuss issues pertaining to land and water sustainability

Reconstructing Narratives: Water, Land, Sustainability

The Krea University Podcast

With Veena Srinivasan

Rpresentational image of  a water tap next to plants. Photo credit: Pixabay

Corporate Water Stewardship and Data

The Water Data Podcast

With Jason Morrison and Hari Hegde

Representational image of a water pipeline. Photo credit: Pixabay

Water Data for Water Quality and Public Health

The Water Data Podcast

With Dr Sunderrajan Krishnan and Ranjiv Khush

Water Data and Agriculture

The Water Data Podcast

With Jagdeesh Rao, Jasmer Dhingra and Kunal Prasad

The Importance of Water Data

The Water Data Podcast

With Peter Gleick and Rohini Nilekani