Introducing WELL Labs

Siddharth Bhatia, India Climate Collaborative, on funding climate action

Rohini Nilekani: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Urban Water

MC Sudhakar, Minister, Karnataka, on restoring lakes in towns like Chintamani

Explainer | How Can We Solve Bengaluru’s Water Crisis?

Sapna Manjunath, BORDA South Asia, on urban water balances for small towns

Products and Platforms

The team behind Green Rural Economy (GRE) on their vision for the platform

Jaltol video tutorial

Data for Water Security Hackathon by Jaltol team: Participant Presentations

Rural Futures

KJ Joy, Founding Member, SOPPECOM, on the challenges in equitable water sharing

Pooja Prasad, IIT Delhi, on research gaps in the protective irrigation space

Nikhil Goveas, EDF, on the need for protective irrigation