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MC Sudhakar, Minister, Karnataka, on the importance of restoring lakes in Chintamani

GN Chalapathi, Commissioner, on restoring lakes in the small town of Chintamani

Siddharth Bhatia, India Climate Collaborative, on funding climate action

Pooja Prasad, IIT Delhi, on research gaps in the protective irrigation space

Gaurav Mehta, DCB Bank, on the importance of funding protective irrigation projects

Dr Veena Srinivasan, Executive Director, WELL Labs, explains water security

Vikram Rai, General Secretary of Bangalore Apartments’ Federation, on WELL Labs

BharatRohan’s Amandeep Panwar on the
gap between research and innovation

Agricultural economist Ashok Gulati on the biggest misconception about groundwater

V Ramprasad talks about the importance
of wastewater in Bengaluru

Alok Sikka: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Ashok Gulati: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Rohini Nilekani: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Jaltol, WELL Labs’ Water Analytics Tool

Introducing WELL Labs

Integrated water management for resilient cities

Ashwin Kumar B, TIDE NGO, on the need for a water balance exercise in small towns

The team behind Green Rural Economy (GRE) on their vision for the platform

T Pradeep, Prarambha, on why protective irrigation is important in a place like Raichur

KJ Joy, Founding Member, SOPPECOM, on the challenges in equitable water sharing

Data for Water Security Hackathon by Jaltol team: Participant Presentations

Aditya Rao, Greentivity Enviro Solutions, on long-term water security and resilience

Shri BP Ravi, Principal Secretary, Ecology & Environment, Karnataka, on wastewater

BharatRohan’s Amandeep Panwar on what needs to change with innovation

SM Mohan Kumar talks about
the role of wastewater in India

Vishwanath S aka Zenrainman talks
about the urban water problem

P Srinivas: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Shloka Nath: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Bernhard Truffer: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Testimonial: Murugesu Sivapalan

Visions for wastewater reuse

Need for digital tools in rural water security

Sapna Manjunath, BORDA South Asia, on an urban water balance for small towns in India

Partha, social activist, on the need for lake rejuvenation in small towns like Chintamani

Shashiraj from Janapara Foundation on why lake rejuvenation is important in small towns

Gaurav Mehta, DCB Bank, on why we need to fund lake restoration projects

Rangu Rao, Safe Harvest, on the role the market plays in aiding sustainable farming

Nikhil Goveas, EDF, on the need for protective irrigation

Explainer | How Can We Solve Bengaluru’s Water Crisis?

M Selvarasu, LEAD, on the role of treated wastewater in construction.

Alok Sikka, IWMI India, on the necessity of interdisciplinary work

Shambu Prasad C: How we can
solve critical water problems

Amandeep Panwar: The need for WELL Labs

Nandita Basu: Why WELL Labs is Needed

Mark Smith: Why WELL Labs is Needed

How do we build climate resilient cities?

Jaltol video tutorial

On the arecanut trail