Making Every Drop Count

Published in Deccan Herald

Mar 30, 2024

‘The adoption of several past research studies, some currently underway, is looking into the change in consumer mindset and aversion to wastewater reuse. There should be a higher degree of awareness and consumer education on treated water in our society’.

Every apartment generates almost as much sewage as it consumes. In smaller apartment communities, there is not enough space for bigger gardens and recharge wells, making it difficult to use the treated water for gardening or recharging. Similarly, most apartments do not have enough dual plumbing to make flushing water difficult.

Srinivasan Sekar, a water consultant based in Bengaluru, recalls the wastewater reuse system in T-ZED Homes in Whitefield, which is an ideal solution to this that all communities can emulate.



Shree DN for Deccan Herald

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