A 2,000-yo Irrigation System is Being Revived in North Karnataka

Published in Gaon Connection

Sep 18, 2023

Pots are ubiquitous in rural areas with every household having a set of pots which are mostly used by village women to fetch water.

But now the same humble pots are also coming to the rescue of farmers in drought-prone north Karnataka who are using cheap and locally available clay pots to irrigate their farmlands and fruit orchards, and at a much lower cost.

Raichur is a drought-prone district in north Karnataka and farmers here struggle with providing water for their crops. And due to climate change, rainfall patterns are changing making it worse for the cultivators who practise rainfed farming.

To address the problem, in July, this year, Prarambha — a Bengaluru-based non government organisation in collaboration with WELL Labs — introduced pot irrigation to farmers in the district of Raichur.



Laraib Fatima Warsi for Gaon Connection

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