Lake Health Index Reveals Pollution Concerns in Bengaluru’s Water Bodies

Published in Citizen Matters

Mar 28, 2024

The citizen-driven Lake Health Index project assessed the condition of three lakes in the city: Ulsoor, Doddabommasandra and Shivapura.

Bengaluru grapples with a persistent water stress, worsened by the decline in rainfall, overexploitation of groundwater and decreasing Cauvery River levels.

The water crisis has led experts and the government to reconsider using lakes as a source of water, either by storing treated wastewater or harvested rainwater. The draining of lakes, like Bellandur and Varthur, for desilting has contributed to a major part of the groundwater crisis in Bengaluru.

However, with the upcoming monsoon predicted to be normal, there is a looming concern regarding the lakes in the city. The anticipated rains may bring one of the highest influxes of pollutants, posing long-term risks to lakes’ health and the well-being of citizens who depend on them for livelihood and recreational activities. As the lakes receive runoff from urban areas, the pollutants accumulated during the dry spell could be washed into the water bodies, potentially causing ecological imbalances and health hazards.



Hari Prasad HK for Citizen Matters.

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