Landscape Review: Innovation Gaps in India’s Agritech Startup Ecosystem

Through this landscape review, we take a closer look at agritech startups to identify how to secure the livelihoods of farmers while simultaneously addressing environmental concerns

Mar 31, 2023

The agritech sector in India is thriving but agrarian distress is still pronounced; clearly, there are gaps that must be bridged to ensure that the livelihoods of farmers who are most vulnerable can be addressed, while simultaneously prioritising environmental outcomes in a climate changing world. Through this landscape review, we sought to take a closer look at a sample of agritech startups to identify some of the areas that have been overlooked.  


The author conducted this work when they were with the Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (CSEI-ATREE). WELL Labs is now taking it forward in collaboration with ATREE.

We are grateful to Villgro, Accel and Upaya Social Ventures for sharing insights from their experience with incubating agritech startups. This project was undertaken by CSEI-ATREE with funding from the Patrick J. McGovern foundation.

Cover Photo: Lakshmi Pranuti

Technical Review: Milind Bunyan

Visualisation: Sarayu Neelakantan and Srilakshmi Vishwanathan

Editorial Review: Kaavya Kumar

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