Wastewater Reuse Policies across Indian States

We reviewed wastewater reuse policies and action plans across Indian states to determine reuse options, targets, and water quality standards.

Feb 14, 2024

Across India, treated wastewater remains a severely under-utilised resource. According to the NITI Aayog, “Less than 1,000 million litres per day (MLD), which is about 3% of treated wastewater and 1% of wastewater generated, is being reused for valuable purposes.”

Despite several options available for wastewater reuse, such as construction, landscaping, groundwater recharge, industry,  agriculture, and domestic purposes, there remain challenges, such as a lack of enabling policies, incentives, and water quality standards. Moreover, the current policies vary from state to state.    

Thus, we reviewed the policies and action plans of various Indian states to better understand the overlaps and divergences.

This table shows wastewater reuse policies across Indian states. To access the PDF version, click on "Download Infographic" below.
The table shows wastewater reuse policies, targets, and recommendations for various Indian states. To access the state policies and action plans, click on the hyperlinked states in the PDF (accessible by clicking on “Download Infographic” below)

The above infographic presents a snapshot of select state policies based on information available in the public domain. Thus, it is not a comprehensive list and might not reflect the latest developments.

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Conceptualised by Shreya Nath and Veena Srinivasan

Research inputs from Sneha Singh

Design inputs from Ananya Revanna and Sarayu Neelakantan 

Banner photo by TIDE & BORDA

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