Where Does Bengaluru Get Water from?

It is important to understand where Bengaluru gets water from and how it is used to tackle the recurring problems of floods and water shortages.

Feb 14, 2024

The infographic below shows Bengaluru’s water sources and wastewater.

An illustration showing Bengaluru's major water sources: groundwater and the Cauvery river
Groundwater and water from the Cauvery river are major sources of water supply for Bengaluru. However, increasing wastewater reuse could reduce the stress on limited freshwater supplies. Infographic and illustration designed by Sarayu Neelakantan.

With Bengaluru facing recurring water shortages and floods, it is important to understand what are Bengaluru’s water sources, how is the water used, and where and how the wastewater is discharged. 

For more information on these, read our publication How Water Flows through Bengaluru: Urban Water Balance Report.


Conceptualised by Shreya Nath and Veena Srinivasan

Research inputs from Muhil Nesi and Rashmi Kulranjan

Design inputs from Ananya Revanna, Saad Ahmed and Sarayu Neelakantan

Banner photo by Shashank Palur

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