We Must Address the Wastewater Reuse ‘Yuck Factor’ to Save Freshwater, Reduce Pollution

Published in The Times of India

Apr 24, 2022

Photo by Trevor Gerzen, Unsplash

The treatment of reclaimed water (treated wastewater) and its reuse has become a significant area of interest because of its potential to address many pressing urban challenges. Indian cities are grappling with steeply rising freshwater demand due to rapid urbanisation and exponential population growth. The treatment of the resultant wastewater has proved equally challenging; a lot of it ends up polluting urban water bodies

Acceptance among end-users, particularly city residents, is a big part of this equation.

Research with apartment residents in Bengaluru revealed that the ‘yuck factor’ is a big hindrance to mainstreaming the use of reclaimed water – despite its demonstrable safety. How can their valid concerns be allayed? What role can technology play in easing this shift in perception?



Shreya Nath and Sneha Singh for The Times Of India.

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