Why Construction Sites in Bengaluru Must Use Treated Wastewater

Published in Bangalore Mirror

Feb 7, 2024

Photo by Amine KM, Pexels

Apartment complexes in the city with mandatory wastewater treatment facilities (STPs) are demanding regulations that will allow them to freely trade treated wastewater that is currently going down the drain.

An analysis of the current wastewater treatment and usage scenario of the city conducted by WELL Labs in association with Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF) highlights that that Bengaluru currently generates 1,941 MLD of wastewater daily.

There are almost 3,000 decentralised STPs in apartment complexes in Bengaluru and they collectively treat about 250 MLD of wastewater.



WELL Labs’ work finds mention by Garima Prasher for Bangalore Mirror.

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